Los Angeles, California



After spending a week in Las Vegas, I make my way to LA. What a blessing it has been being here and getting to experience life on the West Coast. It's also Allstar Weekend and things around here are just straight wild. Nonetheless, I'm writing this because ever since the new year i've felt a creative block, a wall preventing me from designing new pieces for SZN 2. There's a point when trying to run a clothing line, people give you input and feedback and set expectations high and you start to think this isn't why you did this. And I think that slowed my momentum. But being out here and meeting people that want nothing more than to help you push through and see you succeed is refreshing. With that being said...


It's on the way, more female focus pieces, high-quality materials and designs, just overall a step up from SZN 1. It's about continued growth over the long haul. Expect to see some things that excite you. Thank you all for your continued support, I truly do appreciate it.



Austin AgerComment