We are big into the gear game. We love street wear, fashion and clothing, so we took on the challenge of following the passion and started designing gear. It was a long road, filled with many lessons and constantly asking questions and for advice. But in the end working tirelessly to try and follow your dreams is a lot better than working for someone to help them follow theirs. 

So we designed gear that came from the heart and we worked hard to develop.

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Here's a little bit about us....

Solus was established in early 2015 with a few goals in mind:

  1. Create and establish an active art, music, and fashion culture in the DMV. 

  2. Enable artists to submit their artwork, music and fashion on Solus for a chance to be featured and get some more love.

  3. Somehow, someway, mix all these things together and integrate 2 things that on a large scale don't mix... Art x Sports.

1 thing we truly believe in is always support people that are happy doing what they love

  • If someone you know or care for wants to be a musician, artist, or start their own clothing brand, support them!

  • Don't hate on your homies for trying to build their dreams, let them know that you got their back and always give constructive criticism. Help them grow.

Want to know more info about submitting work to SOLUS? 

Click here if you are submitting ART.

Click here if you are submitting MUSIC.