We are big into the gear game –we love street wear, fashion and clothing. We decided to follow our passion and take on the challenge of designing gear that people would love to wear. It wasn’t easy – it was a long road filled with many lessons and asking for advice. But in the end working tirelessly following our dreams seemed a lot better than working for someone to help follow theirs.

We design gear that comes from the heart and we work hard on to develop.

Here's a little bit about us....

Solus was released in Fall 2017 with a few goals in mind:

  1. Contribute to an active art, music, and fashion culture in the DMV. 

  2. Create quality street clothing for people to wear and enjoy.

  3. Embrace standing out and pursuing what you believe in.

1 thing we truly believe in is always support people that are happy doing what they love

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